Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bicara dua ratus dua

Everyday Is a Celebration

a layout after a long break.
it feels good to complete one :)
did this for Groovie challenge..
of red, white n black..
with the theme: CELEBRATION
ikan pari ikan yu,
abg amin, i love you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

bicara dua ratus satu


its a brand new week! woohoo..
love to see the comments pouring it.. keep it coming! :)
i was doing some blog hopping for my morning exercise when i came across 2 BLOG CANDYs!
yes, these 2 sweet ladies are giving away really cute n gorgeous stuffs!
do hop on to their blog for a chance to win!


i hate it when blogger is not co-operating with me! i cant post pictures! OhNo OhNo!
will be back with more pictures once blogger decides to be nice :)


Saturday, August 22, 2009

bicara dua ratus

let's get some stuff cleared..
well, the reason why i said that my bear doesn't come with a hearbeat nor extravagant clothing is because it really doesnt come with it. duh!
and why oh why would i want to be sarcastic to those who owned one..
i got no reason to do so :)
it's really sweet to have that bear as a gift from ur loved one.. with the heartbeat n cute clothing.. i can't resist it either.
if only i can sew a shirt for it, i would :)
n since i can't have it, why dont i sew one for my bf instead.
much sweeter isnt it?
well, it all depends on how u look at it.
im sorry to those who think that im being sarcastic with the words that i used.

mungkin saya perlu menapis perkataan-perkataan yang digunakan sebelum menaip.
cili tengah murah sekarang ni kot.

this is my 200th post!
and so.... i'm giving a sew-a-bear to one lucky reader!
wanna win one? simply leave some love here in my blog! :)
it can never get any easier..
keep the comments coming! u have till the 30thAug to do so!
spread the love!

p/s: to those who left comment as an anonymous, do leave ur name at the bottom alright :)
would love to know who you are ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

bicara satu ratus sembilan puluh lapan

my very own build a bear..
oh wait. i should call it SEW-A-BEAR.
took me 2 days to cut, sew, stuff, and put everything together.
the teddy was officially born on 190809.. close to midnight.
name will be given soon.
it doesnt come with a heartbeat nor extravagant clothing..
just a green polka-dotty ribbon on the neck (which cant be seen in the pic)
and loads n loads n loads of LOVE :)
p/s: i didnt know sewing a bear could be so much fun! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bicara satu ratus sembilan puluh tujuh

*blows off the dust* heehee..
finally finally!
im back to blog..

yipeedeedoodaa yipeedeeyay..
my oh my its a wonderful day.
plenty of sunshine coming your way..
my oh my its a beautiful day!

have a great day ahead my dears!

p/s: more updates later ya.. hopefully with pictures n all! :)