Monday, January 14, 2008

bicara empat puluh empat

"A Walk To Remember.. An IceCream Galore"

i had a really fun evening..
the day started of wif me meeting the 'long lost totally distant cousin'..
had ice-cream at ben & jerry's..
i had the brownie thingy while he had the waffle thingy with 3 scoops of icecream..

after which we head down to Holland V to try the Cold Rock icecream..
hey couz its cold rock n not cold mountain alrite.
we managed to get a free ride from fadhilah n fiancee coz they happened to be at vivo too!
so upon reaching, we decided to jalan2 first cause the muak-ness of the ben & jerry's was still there..
after a little walk, we went back to COLD ROCK..
not a bad place..
so many topping to choose from okay!
and we decided to choose "BREAK THE LAW"
yes. what a name.
i wonder what law to break!
its actually bubblegum icecream + marshmallow + m&ms + gummy bears..
after all the icecream, we decided to have a proper meal..
so we head down to esplanade n had satay!
my stupidness for the night.
and after the nice meal..
we had a walk..
yes. a walk to remember..
we walked n walked n walked n walked..
we saw the museum..
the supreme court..
the parliament house..
n finally raffles city..
my kaki macam nak copot (ok dats a lie..)
it was indeed a long walk..
but it doesnt matter coz i had fun walking n blabberring n nagging..
n couz simply enjoys looking at my inai-ed toenails.
weird. yes i know.

flagged a cab.
to bukit batok..
and off to simei.

to couz:
thanks for the treat..
lets try teh tarik icecream after this..
my treat.
till we meet again!

goodnight icecream lovers!

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