Thursday, January 31, 2008

bicara lima puluh enam

"27 Dresses and more.."

the day started with the cikgu going to sch and teach..
met Fid in the bus after school..
off we went to BORDERS to get her gift card..
spent abt an hour there before we head down to lucky plaza for lunch..
n we had AYAM PENYET! :)
i realised dat the rice is getting lesser..
tsk tsk.. dats not good..
coz that much rice is not enough for me! :)

27 Dresses is LOVE!
sesuai ditonton dengan fellow girlfriends!
some of the dress are gorgeous while some are horrendous!
i love the green one n the saree..
i dun mind being a bridesmaid..
even for 27 times!
i think its a pleasure..
so fid n nad do tell me if u guys need a bridesmaid ok :)
we cant wear dresses so u guys must make for me nice baju kurung k
and the bouquets are so gorgeous..
well fid, tak dapat real one, fake one pun jadi lah..
and that explains the pics u see on top.
we took pics with a pretty bouquet of roses at spotlight
such cheap thrills..

a bouquet of roses for me please..
no more BARNEY hugs people! :)

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