Wednesday, January 23, 2008

bicara lima puluh

"When Cikgu Yani Speaks.."

here's wad we did today..
we did a recap on last week's topic..
which was 'anggota badan'!
so these are the drawings that they did :)
i know its so kanak2.
but i enjoy doing this kind of thing even in MI..
with nad & fid,
out group work sure to be an extra colourful one!
i miss doing group work..
i miss doodling on mahjong paper..
i miss presenting..
can i say i miss school..? :)

Cikgu Yani : Can you translate this in malay.
'Goodbye my friends.'
Student : Selamat tinggal mat remps/abang/kawan.

(friends to him is mat remps=mat rempit i guess :)

Student A : Cikgu, what do u call great grandma?
Student B : I know! Nenenek!

(i had a good laugh!)

Student attempt to read..
Student : Ini anek saya..
Cikgu Yani : HUH? Can u repeat that again?
-friends laughing-
Student : N-e-n-e-k.
Cikgu Yani : Its nenek!
(geli hati yang teramat!)

Eventhough some kids just dont bother..
those who does matters to me..
they make me look forward to teach..
nice to know that some do get something out of this ..
looking forward to more funny moments with them..

oh yah.
how can i forget last week..
Cikgu Yani : Terimakasih murid2
Students : Sama2 cikgu
Cikgu Yani : ????
Students laughing..
Cikgu Yani : Hey awak sepatutnya cakap 'Terimakasih cikgu'

(tapi memang betul pun.. dah kita cakap terimakasih.. mesti lah diaorg jawab sama2.. so tadi i make them say terimakasih first :) )

terimakasih semua..
selamat tinggal..

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