Saturday, March 29, 2008

bicara lapan puluh lapan

its friday!!!
the week-end is here :)

makan besar tmr..
really besar coz we'll be eating from the dulang!
yes yes nasi ambeng..
ooh lala..

well, dats for tmr..
but for today,
nothing much..
have to rush to BLSS to sign some stuff n den back again to MI for Angklung.
staying for their prac.
once a member always a member!
hidup angklung! (macam pilihan raya pulak)
well, they will b having a fund raising concert on the 26th april.
n im so so so tempted to play!
eh i miss playing the angklung ok.
walaupun buta nota, i still managed to play quite a number of pieces :)
bangga ah.
u people must go watch k.
it will be at Centerstage @ MI.
tix price have yet to be confirmed..
will tell u guys soon.
must watch k..
coz got me!

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