Monday, March 24, 2008

bicara lapan puluh tiga

21/03/08 (Good Friday)

journey to the east..
went to Wild Wild Wet with the aunty n cousins n nieces.
yes. im a lil dark now.

made my way back and off we(mom n me) went to Esplanade.
yes. we were there to watch Siti Nurhaliza :)
worth watching i must say.
though we were seated right at the back, it was really worth the $60.
and P.Ramlee the musical is coming in May.
yes May. *hinthint*
looking for any kind soul who is willing to sponsor me..
yes please :)

n come June, the PURPLE DINOSAUR will make his appearance.
yes. BARNEY is coming!
the real barney ok.
not that 'Barney'.
am i getting excited?
i guess i am.
n im absolutely positively sure that i'll b there to watch :)
dulu2 mana ada show2 macamni.
kita deprive of all these tau..
n thank god i have nieces n a 'semangat' niece punya mak (thats u Bayah)..
dapat jugak tgk..
sesame street, dat mickey mouse show..
seronok tau. :)
there's a kid in me people!

let me just repeat this..
kindly purchase an additional ticket if u wish to watch it..
and that additional ticket is obviously for me..
thank you in advance! :)
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