Monday, June 23, 2008

bicara satu ratus dua belas

back in school!

it sure feels good to smell the familiar staffroom smell :)
n of course back to the desk n comfy chair..

its the exam week now..
yes. till next week.
will be invigilating tmr..
management paper in the hall..
1pm to 3pm.
i've got the class list n the sitting plan..
so all i have to do is to walk down the aisle..
den walk again..
and again..
and of course, BE VIGILANT! BE VERY2 VIGILANT! :)
should i wear heels dat goes 'tok tok tok' tmr?
*evil ideas are pouring in*
den stop at every table n stare at their paper..
wear damn bright top..
nah, shall spare them all that.
eventhough i do feel like doing all that n make them feel like how i felt back den..
but no. i shouldnt.
lets be nice ok :)

n yes. tmr the kiddos will be sitting for their mother tongue paper!
all the best guys!
i know you can do it n will definitely do me proud.
to those who think dat they are hopeless n will have a hard time attempting the paper, i know dat u can definitely do it n at least pass the paper alrite! :)
malay can never get any tougher than peeling an onion without crying! (dats impossible!)
semoga berjaya!
yakin boleh!
n please please have faith in youself!

try to score for kertas bahasa..
im sure peribahasa will not be that tough..
n ringkasan is equally easy..
read the qn n pick relevant isi ok. n rmbr, try to get as many isi as possible!
for kefahaman, it might be a lil tough for some..
but dont worry, u just have to rmbr that u have to have 1 isi utama (the point that answers the qn) n 1 isi sampingan. n u can easily get 3 marks for that.
i know its easier said than done..
but im sure u guys can do it!
n, watch out for ur spelling errors n all..
try to minimise ur careless-ness..
now is not the time to make silly spelling mistakes n wrong usage of words.
hmm.. wad else do i have to say..
oh yes, jangan panic, berdoa banyak2.. :)
selamat berjuang murid2!

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