Wednesday, June 25, 2008

bicara satu ratus empat belas

so yes.
Gelare-ed yesterday with nad.
it was fun. as always. :)
i know you had a bad day in school..
but im sure it was all gone after meeting me rite :)
n we had a long talk...
about everything..
well, not really everything..
more about that thing called l-o-v-e.
how some people can fall in love easily..
how some can go on a date with so many different guys..
how some people can easily attract guys..
its just HOW? (yes. HOW with a HUGE question mark)

well nad, only smarties have the answer! :)

and of course a topic on engagement.
how will u hold yours?
1) a family affair (it means ur family n the important people that are required only. not the whole family plus nieces n nephews)
2) moderate (invite a couple or two relatives. a couple or two. not the whole lot!)
3) grand (jemput satu kampung!)

personally i'll choose the first one.
yes. just a family affair.
skip the kecoh-ness.
well, i dont deny that different people have different thoughts about this whole engagement thingy..
but then again, to be spending a sum on such a ceremony is abit too much i guess.
i'd rather save up that money for the wedding instead.
and i dont think i would want to have a pre-pengantin moment (glamorous baju n gorgeous make-up. i think a normal baju kurung will be perfectly fine)
shall just wait for the real one when the time comes.
and if lets say friends were to complain "hey y u didnt tell me u r engaged!"
den i'll just say "lets meet up to do some catching up n i'll treat u alrite"
anyway, its just engagement for God's sake!
not as if we are now legal to stay together or something!

speaking of staying together..
wad is the reason behind all this engagement thingy?
tell me. tell me. tell me.
i heard diff reasons..
1) to get to know each other even better
i will take that as reasonable if u've been in a relationship for lets say less than 2 years.. if more than that, do u still need more time? and like i said, its not as if u get to stay together and hence know more of his habits at home n wadnots. am i right? right!

2) so that we will start saving up
u mean if u dont get engaged u wont be saving up for marriage? u wont religiously save up? work extra hard to earn extra cash? lets say within that 2 years u saved a sum.. den things doesnt turn out the way u want it to.. den wad? jolly2 all the money that u've saved? of course not kan! u will use that for ur marriage with perhaps another guy. so the point is, y must get engaged just to be focused on saving up.

3) at least ada ikatan
ahah. ikatan.. ikatan cincin? its not like an ikatan yang sah or something. more freedom to go out together? (well i think it shld b the other way round after engagement) ye lah, nanti kalau orang tanya "ni siapa?" "oh. ni tunang saya". it sounds a bit better to some den "on. ni gf saya". kalau tunang macam 'up' sikit ah standard. aiyah. wad standard i also dunno.

well, all i have to say is that 'ni semua rezeki masing2. ada kelebihan, buat la besar2.. kalau tak kecik2 aje' and of course the reason behind all this engagement hanya Allah saje yang tahu.. well, its way toooooo early to say anything, but i would want a simple family affair kind of thing.. and it shouldnt be longer than 2 years. a year would be find.. n of course that one year will be used for preparation.. not so much of getting to know each other better because i think i would definitely have known him that well to be engaged n thus get married! :)

so what do you have to say? :)

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