Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bicara satu ratus enam puluh enam

here's what i did for a challenge over at ArtzDeScrap
yes, i altered a tissue box.
so what you need is an empty tissue box..
then i cut off the lid..
wrap it up and kept the edge neat by covering it with ribbon..
i took 3/4 of the lid and double i with another cardboard..

wrap it up using the same paper as the base..
insert a really hard cardboard into the box as such..
i glued a mirror onto the back of the lid as such..
attach the lid to the box..
the blue ribbon that you see at the side is to hold the lid up so that it won't fall back!
then we place all the essentials..
lipstick, blusher, compact powder, ya-daa, ya-daa..
decorated the lid with some flowers and 'blingblings'..
and a cute little pink shoe for the 'knob'..
so there you have it..
a pretty pretty make-up box!
wheeeeeeeeee... :)
i love it.
do u?


Edleen said...

Wow...great job you did with the tissue box Yani!

hope you'll receive a little something from me soon. don't forget to check your mailbox yeah ;)

Liza said...

Love what you did to the tissue box! Wow!!

siska said...

cantik banget!!!!
nak order satu!!