Saturday, August 22, 2009

bicara dua ratus

let's get some stuff cleared..
well, the reason why i said that my bear doesn't come with a hearbeat nor extravagant clothing is because it really doesnt come with it. duh!
and why oh why would i want to be sarcastic to those who owned one..
i got no reason to do so :)
it's really sweet to have that bear as a gift from ur loved one.. with the heartbeat n cute clothing.. i can't resist it either.
if only i can sew a shirt for it, i would :)
n since i can't have it, why dont i sew one for my bf instead.
much sweeter isnt it?
well, it all depends on how u look at it.
im sorry to those who think that im being sarcastic with the words that i used.

mungkin saya perlu menapis perkataan-perkataan yang digunakan sebelum menaip.
cili tengah murah sekarang ni kot.

this is my 200th post!
and so.... i'm giving a sew-a-bear to one lucky reader!
wanna win one? simply leave some love here in my blog! :)
it can never get any easier..
keep the comments coming! u have till the 30thAug to do so!
spread the love!

p/s: to those who left comment as an anonymous, do leave ur name at the bottom alright :)
would love to know who you are ;)


Anonymous said...

wooiiiii wooiiiii sesungguhnya ni bulan posa...tsk tsk tsk.. whteverlah kan org nk ckp, mak tak kuasa lah nyah :p

errrr do i win d bear? plsssss

Anonymous said...

sesungguhnya finger ni tk puasa pulak... super fast click on publish comment...

chett! if anonymous, camne nk win bear kan? so choose me pls...
thk q so much.

the one with 2 'handbags'

Anonymous said...

hahaa..i want a sew-a-bear!mine's a wabbit la..

i love you yani hunny!


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

What a cute bear hun!!!Miss you!

DeeYanNz said...

OMG! You can totally set up an online shop already yani! heeee. the bear is super cute lar and especially if you made it with lots of love for the loved ones, it will turn out SUPER DUPER nice. So no worries on wad the rest have to say alrite.
Good luck in everything you do.

Love, Dian Syahidah :)

Anonymous said...

hello kak yani!
ini afiqah.

paris said...

if i win the bear, i want a belly button on it LOL :)

tinkerbelle said...

yani, ive never won any contest my whol life before.. hopefully ill win one !*hint hint*

Edleen said...

Yani, say what you want to say. it's your blog, your thoughts :)

cute bear will be lucky to have a new owner :D

Happy Sunday!

sahabar aneh said...

sahabat aneh, i want a cute burqah for my teddy because i need mascot for my upcoming movie, "ayat-ayat aneh". biar tutup aurat sikit. hehe.

so if i win, you know what i want eh.. ;)

love you buddy!

Anonymous said...

eh i think i know who u you are referring to, about those sarcastic remarks. hee.

im one potential Gossip Girl. heh

& I'M gonna stalk u (like every day till 3oth!) till i get the bear!

spread gossip,eh no.. love~~

u know u love me.. tinkerbelle

paris said...

tinkerbelle/ nicole!! LOL. some people are simply emo basketcase.

bear bear big big,
bear bear small small,
bear bear different sizes,
bear bear big big very juicy,
bear bear small small tasteless.

yani we're girl guides so lets share the love :) said...

srrrrettt! mintak e-mail address kamu siihh.. blog saya private utk sementara waktu ini. :)

ianz said...

Say what u want to say =) like u said "cili tgh murah sekarang nie" haha...

I love the template of ur blog!

Anonymous said...

PARIS! u too know who im referring too eh...ekekekkek

xoxo, tinkerbelle

Hazwan Keong said...

the teddy abit kurus ah, maybe they shud provide more stuffings hehe. mcm teddy mr bean jek. hehe. but i like! ;D