Thursday, August 20, 2009

bicara satu ratus sembilan puluh lapan

my very own build a bear..
oh wait. i should call it SEW-A-BEAR.
took me 2 days to cut, sew, stuff, and put everything together.
the teddy was officially born on 190809.. close to midnight.
name will be given soon.
it doesnt come with a heartbeat nor extravagant clothing..
just a green polka-dotty ribbon on the neck (which cant be seen in the pic)
and loads n loads n loads of LOVE :)
p/s: i didnt know sewing a bear could be so much fun! :)

1 comment:

Edleen said...

so glad you're back! your Bear is soooo cute :)

glad we bumped into each other, all for the love of donuts!!! hehe...

hope you're doing well. not been scrapping yeah? ;)

wishing you & family a Blessed Ramadan!