Sunday, January 20, 2008

bicara empat puluh tujuh

"T3 + Milk Tea IceCream + Botanical Garden = Yay-Ness"

had another long walk today with dearest 'long lost totally distant cousin'
started the day at T3..
walked around..
got ourselves brownies..
we both agreed that the terminal is too spacious..
that u can even play futsal!
but nonetheless its a nice place..

well, our quest to find nice icecream continues..
off we went to Wheelock to get ourselves the milk tea icecream..
it tasted weird at first..
but after a few spoons the taste just gets better..
i still want my teh-tarik icecream!

after enjoying the icecream..
off we went botanical garden..
we walked all the way from wheelock to the garden..
yet another walk to remember..
but this time round my leg doesnt feel like nak 'copot'..
coz i was the one who wanted to do it!
before we explore the garden,
we headed down to the foodcourt n had our meal of 'ayam terbakar' & 'sotong plasticine'
after a not so satisfying meal, we begin our journey into the unknown forest..
its been donkey years since i last went to botanical garden..
seeing little kids running around just reminds me of my childhood days..
n at one point, the kid in me decided to reveal itself..
there i was skipping down the slope wih my equally unsound cousin..
we had fun didnt we?
yes we had!
n let me show u my pedicured nails.
"hello people!" cute isnt it? yes it is! all thanks to the Oh-So-Artistic-Ive-Never-Seen-Such-Henna-Tube cousin!

after having a super long walk..
after leaving our trails..
we bid goodbye to the enchanted forest where magical things happen..

goodnite vanda miss joaquim!

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