Tuesday, January 15, 2008

bicara empat puluh enam

Presenting... "YANI WEARS PRADA"

in the making of "YANI WEARS PRADA"...
she had to squeeze her looooong foot into that tiny red killer heels..
and ends up getting 'simpul biawak' (some form of cramp..)
aneh2 kan..
dah tahu kasut tu kecik boleh2 nak pakai..

and credit goes to miss tini (the great photographer)..
"cepat2 snap nanti nyonya nampak! cepat la!"

we had a "girl & woman day out" (last week)..
its been so long..
it was worth the long wait..
we had loads of fun gossipping n laughing and makan-ing..
we had FUN!

awaiting the next bonding session wif you miss tini!

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