Tuesday, March 25, 2008

bicara lapan puluh lima

say Hello to the new resident.
dats mr bean's mute bear.
it was his and now its mine.
lets call it mr gendeng.
this cute mr gendeng was given to me by an equally gendeng man.
thank you for the lil gifts dat u got me from ur hols.
its so sweet of you :)
but seeing u again after a looooong time felt so good!
yes. good. like really really good.
remember, do not..
i repeat,
do not..
go for another hols anytime soon k.
its ok if its me :)
come june and i'll say 'bye-bye' to you!

there you go.
an entry just for you.
okie dookie.
time to sleep.
lets go to bed mr gendeng! (imagine me talking to the bear like how mr bean does it)
i know.
its so gendeng.

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