Thursday, July 17, 2008

bicara satu ratus dua puluh lapan

shots taken 7 hours before he flies off..
n him not knowing that i'll be making my way to T3 after dat :)
so he took half day yesterday thinking that he can only meet me during the day.
told him dat i wont be sending him off..
i will feel sad u know.
and so he said ok.
tapi saya gagahkan diri untuk pergi ke airport..
and took the risk of having to take the train back home..
all alone.
dapat saya bayangkan betapa menyeksanya kalau balik sorang2.

anyway, i made my way to T3 from town aft meeting nad.
so aft meeting him, i met nad..
we had our late lunch at delifrance and did a lil window shopping
and off we went!

and yes.

i reached T3 at about 8.45..
met the parents. waited for his colleagues. took some pictures.
and he checked in at 9.30..
we slowly made our way to the departure gate soon after they were done..
oh sungguh i dont like!
so after saying wad we needed to say, its time to bid goodbye.
another 'oh sungguh i dont like!' moment.
so after the waves n all (i tak cry ok) we left.
n yes. the parents were so nice to send me back..
its so not along their way..
airport - bt batok - simei
but thanks alot Mr & Mrs Kassim :)
and a lil secret sharing wif the sister ;)
*they have landed safely in Tokyo at 0700hrs :) im just counting down to 23rd. cepat2 balik laa..

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Lily.Lulu. said...

awak nampak suwitttttttt ;)