Thursday, July 17, 2008

bicara satu ratus dua puluh sembilan

you better listen to me..
no hanky panky alrite.
take good care of yourself.
do not kenyit2 mata at the kawaii girls.
Aminudin, dengar tak?!
yes Yani
orang cakap dia ketawa pulak!
ingat tau..
jangan macam2!

was dat wad i said? NO. wad i said was...

"beli yang original ok.
from boutique.
not japan's petaling street ok.
must get the cert.
get the paperbag as well.
remember tau.
if more den 400, no need to buy.
but if its slightly more, den u add la abit k
ingat tau.

*credit goes to Alia for taking this picture without me realising :) thanks for capturing that moment! the next few entries will be infested with picture n more pictures! al-maklumlah camera baru :p kejakunan masih terasa!


Lily.Lulu. said...

wahhh ... arahan ...

hariyani said...

arahan yang amat penting tu cik lily! :D